Research in Law & Technology intersection matters

We conduct research in the areas where law and technology meets. We have already provided lot of content related to the practice under “practice areas” menus. You cannot find this much amount of content related to all of the practice areas in one website. We will regularly update this page, based on our research and updated case law. The practice areas include:

1. 4th amendment search & seizure of technology products.

2. Immigration law for technology & healthcare companies and their workers.

3. Intellectual property including trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, I.P. licensing (patent licensing, trademark licensing, copyright licensing, trade secret licensing, and Software licensing), and right of publicity.

4. Privacy law for Healthcare I.T., and technology products.

5. Technology transactions including Click-wrap & browse-wrap EULA, Software agreements, Joint development agreements, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

4th amendment research

In this research page, we try to input our opinion in some of the areas where there is no clear answer from statutory text or case law regarding third (3rd) party doctrine for technology products. Although third (3rd) party doctrine is applicable on the face of the statute, there is a possibility of classifying the personal information as protectable under 4th amendment, due to the extensive nature of information collected. If something is classified as protectable under 4th amendment, then a warrant with probable cause is required for third (3rd) party business records.

1. Is Facebook personal information a business record under third (3rd) party doctrine?

2. Is your cloud data stored on service provider a business record?

3. What about your smart phone apps?

4. Is i-phone cloud data a business record?