We are a non-profit organization. Our purpose is providing research, advocacy, and sometimes service in the areas where Law & Technology intersect. We provided 35 unique web pages of quality legal & technology related information dedicated to our five (5) practice areas for free. These five (5) practice areas include:

1. 4th amendment search & seizure of technology products.

2. Intellectual property including trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, I.P. licensing (patent licensing, trademark licensing, copyright licensing, trade secret licensing, and software licensing), and right of publicity.

3. Immigration law for technology and health-care companies and its workers.

4. Technology transactions including click-wrap & browse-wrap EULA, Mobile phone EULA for consumers, software agreements, Joint Development Agreements, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

5. Privacy law for Health care I.T., and technology products for consumers.

We continue to add new information, research, and advocacy that is useful to the broader US public in the form of updates to the current law in these areas etc. You cannot find all of the above content in one single place for free. Please continue to support us in the form of donations from public, or any other organization including corporate. This will help us to continue to provide this new information, research, and advocacy. Your privacy is important to us. You may choose to donate anonymously.