United States is a nation of laws. There are numerous legal practice areas in existence. Legal research, drafting, and practice in a particular area requires background legal knowledge and some experience along with law license.

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We deal with matters that include anything from Information Technology(I.T.), Electronics, and Telecommunications related industries. Part of our work may include technology based research & advocacy.

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Law & Technology

Law & Technology Inc. deal with matters related to the culmination of law & technology. There are several areas of law where law and technology meet. They include technology transactions, privacy law matters involving technology products, immigration law for technology companies and their employees, intellectual property law for individuals and technology companies, 4th amendment search and seizure of technology devices and data. In order to practice, conduct research, and advocacy in these areas, expertise in both Law & Technology areas matter a lot. We have expertise in both of these areas. Please check our practice area menu for the amount of free content and information you may not find elsewhere easily, all at one website. The above specified five (5) practice areas include 33 “unique web pages,” in our practice area menu dedicated to providing basic understanding of the subject matter along with outlining unique challenges faced in those areas. People often quote the famous phrase that “content is king,” is highly relevant to this website. 

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